life with MICAH

We've been home two-plus months with Micah...how am I doing??? Hmmm...not sure...

We love our son -- we love being parents!!! I was very nervous that I might (selfishly) grieve the loss of my life without a child, but that has not been the case at all. Micah's weaving into the DNA of our family has been a much more natural transition than I anticipated. I've really not even thought much of our life before him. I am thankful for that!

One thing I was not prepared for was how tired I would be...all the time. I consider myself to be fit and healthy, so I really never expected to miss a beat physically -- but what I didn't consider was the mental exhaustion. I think most of my exhaustion comes from my introvert-personality. I'm a pretty quite person (too quite for my hubby)...more of a thinker. Now I feel like I've returned to teaching school...talking, singing non-stop...being verbal around the clock. Whew!!

Some of my other deficiencies (for lack of better word) I think stem from being a first-time mommy. I often find myself wondering if Micah's various behaviors are adoption-related, or just baby stuff...when to cuddle, or, when to cry it out?? For the most part, I've leaned to the side of cuddling, but I sense we're all ready to move beyond that in some areas. But it's still hard to tell...

Micah will be 10-months old on 6/4. He's sitting/balancing very well, but shows NO interest in pulling up or crawling. He loves his jumper, so his legs are getting stronger -- he can stand briefly while holding on to something. However, when I put him in a crawl position he screams -- he has no idea what do to. Sometimes that worries me. I know many children skip crawling all together, but I'd really like to see him develop that skill to promote his mental development.

I also find myself wondering what to do with him. I guess he's at an in-between age where he's not really interested in books or educational videos...or even playing with toys (blocks, cars, etc). Well, I guess he does have an interest in toys - just not able to preform some of their functions. He does like to interact-- he's a social, happy little guy. I still feel like I need to play with him around the clock to stimulate his brain -- I know I've got precious little time to get all his synapses firing?? But, is he at the just hold him age?? Help??

Maybe my expectations are too high?? Maybe more repetition is the key??
All you mommies out there...I would LOVE your advice/suggestions!!


2 months HOME

This was the morning after our 30+ hour flight from Ethiopia. Poor Micah!! Uncle Rodney worked hard to put his activity center together for him...but, not only did his feet not touch the ground, he couldn't hold his head up either.

Today, on the other hand, he's all but doing back-flips out of his seat!!
Way to go, Micah!!


seven weeks, and still CELEBRATING

A few of the minister's wives at HSBC where Vince (Minister to Singles) is on staff hosted a "Welcome Home" shower for Micah. It was a very special evening with our church family!!Micah with his pastor!
Micah with daddy's boss!!
We love our church family (did I say that already??)...
We also took Micah on his first visit to Canton, MS (Vince's home-town) -- our sister-in-law and Vince's home church also hosted a shower for Micah!
My oh-so-talented talented sis-in-law, Alison, painted this wall hanging for Micah's room!
Love it!!


On Adoption and Orphan Care: A Proposed Resolution

On Adoption and Orphan Care: A Proposed Resolution

Calling all Southern Baptists!!
This resolution has been presented by Dr. Russ Moore to the Southern Baptist Convention this year...

"I submitted a resolution to the Resolutions Committee of the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention. The Resolutions Committee has full power to decline or rewrite any resolution so just because this is submitted doesn’t mean it will be voted on by the SBC. That’s entirely at the discretion of the committee."

Let your pastor know about it, and that you support it!!!

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9-month check-up

On 4.6.09 Micah weighed 14 lbs, 15 oz
Today he weighed 18 lbs, 1.5 oz
(he's gained just over 3 lbs in five weeks; into the 10th percentile -- good job piggy-poo!!!)

On 4.6.09 Micah was 26 1/4 in
Today he was 27 in
(he's grown just under an inch, but he has made it into the 10th percentile -- yipee!!)

On 4.6.09 Micah's head circumference was 17 1/4 in
Today it was 17 3/4 in
(his hc is almost in the 50th percentile; good food & many new experiences = healthy, growing brain!!)

This may be too much info for the casual reader (but I know all you adoptive mommies like to compare #s) --- and, many parents wouldn't be overly excited that their child's measurements were only in the 10-50th percentile, but considering he wasn't even on the growth chart six weeks ago, we're super excited!!! Great progress!!!

Another exciting milestone...discriminate attachment has surfaced!!!
Micah has started showing a preference to be with me and/or Vince -- meaning he's reluctant to go to anyone else.

This is a very good thing!!!

This means he is beginning to recognize us as his primary care-givers (his parents)! We will continue to encourage his bonding with us by continuing to hold him close...so get ready, if he shows hesitation to be held by you, please, don't force him out of our arms! It's his way of testing his trust in us -- and we will need to continue to prove to him over, and over and over that we are worthy of his trust!!!
Yes, I realize that by allowing friends or family to hold him when he is apprehensive teaches him that person is 'safe' -- BUT, that will come later!! Right now, our main concern is reinforcing that WE are safe!!

Please, patiently remember he's only been with us 6 of the 38 weeks of his life!

..."a cord of three strands..."


06.06.09 -- National Day of PRAYER

No learning can make up for the failure to pray. No earnestness, no diligence, no study, no gifts will supply its lack
-- E.M. Bounds

Some people pray just to pray and some people pray to know God
-- Andrew Murray

I have so much to do that I spend several hours in prayer before I am able to do it
-- John Wesley

The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history
-- Andrew Murray

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work
-- Oswald Chambers

Always respond to every impulse to pray. The impulse to pray may come when you are reading or when you are battling with a text. I would make an absolute law of this – always obey such an impulse
-- Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude—an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God
-- Arthur W. Pink

Pray often, for prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan
-- John Bunyan

If you are sick, fast and pray; if the language is hard to learn, fast and pray; if the people will not hear you, fast and pray, if you have nothing to eat, fast and pray -- Frederick Franson

Pray, and let God worry
-- Martin Luther

God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede
-- Oswald Chambers

God's answers are wiser than our prayers
-- Unknown

Praise God...keep spreading the word

In the last 24 hours over $6000 has been raised to purchase desperately-needed formula for Ethiopia! This formula will supply AWAA's transition home (where Micah lived for about 5months), as well as affiliated orphanages!! Let's keep it going!


Someone asked me yesterday if it would have been possible for us to take a suitcase full of formula to Ethiopia when we traveled to pick-up Micah...WE DID!! We took 2 18-gallon Rubbermaids full of formula...and the airlines charged us $300 USD for our extra checked baggage, too! While families continue to pay the airline fees to take donations to Ethiopia, each family can only supply a few days to a week's worth for ONE institution, but there are HUNDRED'S that need supplies--- the need is soooo great! When you think of orphans, think in terms of millions...yes, I know it's difficult to wrap your mind around that figure (it was for me), but now I've seen it with my own eyes!!!

Keeping checking Tom Davis' blog for more amazing stories from AWAA families -- visit blogs I have listed under At Home With Their Children, too. Many families are sharing their before and after pics (which is very painful for most us) to help raise awareness for the many precious babes in Ethiopia.

For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe.He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing.
Deut 10:17-18


Ethiopia needs FORMULA


We met our sweet son, Micah Yoseph, on November 25, 2008 – a 4-month old boy from southern Ethiopia. Micah appeared healthy, but was very small. His big, brown eyes and story stole our hearts immediately, and we’ve never looked back.

We are extremely grateful for the love and care that he received at America World’s Transitional Home, but their nutritional resources for him were limited. Over the next several months, as we waited for the Ethiopian courts to grant our adoption we prayed fervently for Micah’s health and strength to increase daily. While at the transition home his pattern was to gain only ounces (instead of pounds) each month. Though his situation was not as acute as many of the other baby’s, it was still very scary for us…always wondering of his little boy was absorbing at least the minimal nutrients it required until we could bring him home.

AWAA sent us an update on Micah toward the end of December – in his photo he looked so thin, and had spit-up on his shirt…both indicators that his body was not responding well to the formula. AWAA was constantly trying to acquire high-calorie, pre-digested formula for the children in their care, but it was expensive and scarce. When we traveled to Ethiopia to bring Micah home, we saw first-hand the wonderful care that he and the other children at the transition home were receiving, in spite of their limited resources. The AWAA never stop fighting for these children!

When we met Micah, it was apparent that he had continued to gain some weight and was healthy, yet he suffered with diarrhea. As soon as we returned home Ethiopia, we transitioned him to a lactose-free formula and his diarrhea cleared up within days. He also began to rapidly gain weight! It was a miracle to watch as his personality and body blossomed from the absorbable formula!!!

Micah has been home five weeks as has continued to grow, and is quickly gaining in percentage on US growth charts!! We are so blessed by our son and our experience with AWAA, but we are continually burdened for the babies in Ethiopia who’s future is much more grim. Without the proper nutrients, it will be impossible for their little, fighting bodies to gain weight and stave-off infection!!!


Happy Nine-Months Old TODAY!

(well, at least we think he's nine months today -- heh heh)

Micah's eight-month of life was pretty darn eventful!!

  • met my Forever-Mommy & Daddy

  • took my first plane ride (trans-Atlantic)

  • moved to the United States

  • learned(learning) a new language

  • ate my first solid foods

  • learned how to sit up

  • attended my first church service

  • went to my first concert

  • went on my first road trip to the Gulf of Mexico

  • went to my first birthday party

  • So...what did you do last month??


    WE LOVE YOU!!!


    update from CHINA! we're in the REVIEW ROOM!

    Vince & I were both surprised to hear from our China family coordinator this week! She had been notified by the CCAA that they are in the process of reviewing our file (submitted to them 7.31.07), and they needed some additional information regarding our case. Thankfully, it was a very minor request so we were able to provide the info quickly.

    (Don't get excited -- being in the Review Room means we are about half-way there...21 months down, at least 20-30 more to go)

    Vince (who took the call) also had the opportunity to talk with our coordinator about our China adoption options...basically we have two, here they are:

    1- remain on the healthy infant girl list (= wait another 2-3 years)
    2- switch to the Waiting Child list, and pursue an infant with minor/repairable special needs (possible to complete by end of 2010)

    I remember mentioning in a previous post that we were strongly considering switching to the Waiting Child list -- and, we still are. Our coordinator actually shared with Vince that many of the boys that are assigned to AWAA who are on the Waiting Child list are often passed onto other agencies because there are no families willing to adopt them...it seems families are set on healthy girls, or if they do transition to the Waiting Child list, they still request a girl...not a boy.

    Of course, you know this BROKE MY HEART!!

    The thought of these little boy's files being passed from agency to agency is almost more that I can stand!! I realize some of them probably have serious/chronic medical conditions which many families simply cannot manage (including us), BUT, this is not the case for all of them.

    Through out this process we have discovered much about ourselves, about God, and about orphans. We have come to terms with the reality that there may never be a Mayah Martin...maybe there will, but maybe not...and we are completely at peace with this!! We may very well have a quiver full of boys instead -- I would hardly consider that a curse!

    So...we will take the next few months and prayerfully wait for God to reveal our next steps. We have a minimum of six months before we can actively pursue our second adoption anyway -- so we don't feel the pressure for answers just yet. We do feel certain that if we allow our China adoption to run it's course as-is, we will pursue another adoption with Ethiopia. Either way, Ethiopia or China Waiting Child, we hope to have the ball rolling by the end of this year.

    An Orphan's Ticket Home

    An Orphan's Ticket Home
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