China changes adoption policy


The above link is for a NY Times article describing China's adoption guideline changes. The new guidelines will be put in effect by China's government May 1, 2007. The most significant change we face personally has to do with family net worth & income. It will be crucial for Vince and I to have our paperwork processed by the CCAA before May in order complete our adoption. For us to accomplish this, several 'major' items must fall into place first...so we would like to ask that each of you begin praying that those items would happen God-speed!



Merry Christmas!

Our process is pretty much on hold for now. We are hoping to get our home study started after the New Year; it's a significant part of the process and much of the paper work depends on our home study approval.

We are painting her room tomorrow. We've decided on a color called Garden Pot...the best way to describe it is teal, but with a stronger hint of green than blue. Very energetic!


America World


For those of you who are curious about international adoption, America World (our agency) publishes a weekly update to keep pre-adoptive parents informed on the agency's latest adotion news...you can read about China, as well as other countries sponsored by AWAA...I encourage you the check it out!


We're approved!

We received a phone call on Tues morning, and we've been approved for our China adoption! We also received our acceptance packet this week-end so we can now officially begin our 'paper pregnancy'! Our initial steps will include securing funds for the first portion of the agency and home study fees, as well as applying for immigration. We'll keep you posted evey step of the way...maybe our journey will be helpfyul for someone you know. Blessings!


Vince & Alisa Martin

Welcome to Vince & Alisa's blog!

We're excited to keep you updated about our international adoption from China! We mailed our application packet to America World on Tuesday, Nov. 7th and expect to hear from them soon!

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