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Many of you are already involved, and know who's doing what, but just in case not...this is from Desiring God:  Help Japan—At Least Five Options

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adoption isn't enough

I am so sick of heart about the unfolding changes in Ethiopian's adoption process.  You can read more about that here.  I'm not intending to jump the gun on the situation, and I am still hopeful that orphaned children will be united with their forever families, but...

what if...
could this be...

A wake-up call for the Christian community.  Around 2500 children were adopted from Ethiopia into US families in 2010.  2500 out of 5 million.  Please don't get me wrong -- every single one of those successful adoptions was nothing less than an act of God.  I know this first-hand, because our Micah Yoseph coming home in 2009 was an undeniable act of God.  But hear my heart...

Is it easy for us, when our adoptions are rolling along smoothing, to have tunnel-vision.  To some how think that that because (in our case) I am bringing one child home, I don't really have to think long and hard about all the millions of other children who will never come home??

When adoptions are rolling smoothly, do those millions of children lose their voice?

The reality is, adoption isn't enough.  We cannot put all our eggs in that basket.  Americans bring home 2500 Ethiopian per year (PRAISE GOD) -- but 30,000 children DIE PER DAY in Africa!  Our family ministers to the fatherless (outside of adoption), but oh, do the bread crumbs we throw under our table make our God look so small.

Not sure where I'm intending to go with all this.  But what I do know for certain is that God is sovereign...even over MOWA.  And I am also certain that God cares for the fatherless.  ALL of them.  His Word says so.

Lord, give us your eyes.  Show us what you see when you look at Ethiopia.  At Africa.  Father, use this situation to give millions of children a voice...and quicken us, Your Children, to be listening.

For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe. He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing- Deut 10:17-18


update #6

Judah is doing well! I think his post-op pain has paled greatly in
comparison to his not getting to suck his thumb! Which has made for
some long, long nights! Thankfully, he's pretty content during the day!
And I still cannot get over how different he looks! I know he'll be
swollen for a while, but I just didn't realize that his lip surgery
would affect the shape of his entire face. And his face still has no
expression...not sure when he'll be able to smile again. It will
probably take a few months before his muscles heal completely...at
that point we'll have a better idea of what he really looks like.

Day 5 Post-Op

Day 1 Post-Op

Day of Surgery


update #5

We're home!
Poor Judah is so swollen! It's hard to imagine that he'll ever look normal, but I'm trusting that he will.
On another note, our surgeon warned me that because the cleft in his palate is so wide, surgery may be somewhat unpredictable. Oh dear...but can't worry about that now...

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update #4

Good morning! We had a great night! J slept with me on the couch--
yes! He actually slept! He's eating well and playful! The Drs
already came by to discharge him, but we'll still be here til about

Deepest gratitude to all our prayer warriors who've been covering us!
Praising El Rachum...our great God of compassion!

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update #3

We've got our baby! And we're in our room! Poor little man is out of
it! And his heart rate is really elevated, which has me concerned.
Please continue to pray for his recovery! The goal for tonight is to
get him awake and eating. Vince has gone home to check on M. If
all goes well, we'll be discharged first thing in the morning.

update #2

Surgery is over! Both J's surgeon and ENT came to give us a report.
The surgeon seems pleased with the lip repair, but I'm expecting J to
look like he got pounded in the face with a baseball bat. He also
said Judah did great before surgery...no tears!! Proud of him!
The ENT said J's ears were a mess -- which may explain his
restlessness at night.
J will be in recovery for about 1-2hrs, then we'll be assigned our
room. Can't wait to see him! Praying he doesn't totally freak out
once he wakes!!

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update #1

Judah finally went back for surgery about 10:40am. He was such a
trooper this morning, despite missing his oatmeal and bananas! He
played and giggled, and even napped for a little bit. Then a Chinese
guy (quite fitting) from the OR came to get him. It was a bit weird
handing him over to some stranger in a hallway! The mommy-in-me
wanted to demand that I go with him and monitor the entire process!
Mommies know better than surgeons...right?!
Dr. Grant's staff just called the waiting room to let us know he is
beginning Judah's procedure, and the anesthesia is successful. We're
expecting the lip repair to last a few hours (did I mention he's
getting ear tubes as well?). I'll update after surgery is complete.
We feel so honored to be Judah's mommy and daddy, and to care for all
his needs! Is the Lord calling you to minister to the fatherless?
You will never regret being Christ's hands and feet to the least of

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surgery-1 eve

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Ps 147:3

Judah will have his first surgery tomorrow - the plastic surgeon will repair his lip.  The surgery will last a few hours, and I will stay the night with Judah at the hospital.  However, I'm not as anxious about his surgery as I suppose that I should be.  One reason is because I am anxious about his palate surgery, which will be more invasive and require longer recovery.  A second reason that my heart is at peace is simply because of a knowledge of God's sovereignty.  When I think about how God protected and delivered our children long before we became their parents...well...I am reminded that God is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.

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