Last Visit

Our social worker comes this afternoon for our last home visit. After today, we won't see her again until 3 mos post-adoption. Wow.

Today she'll interview us about adoption and inspect out home. We expect it will go well...all the AWAA people have been so encouraging and helpful every step.


Orientation in KC

Our orientation in Kansas City was exceptional!
We were given some very useful info, and got to meet some other adoptive families. A social worker taught the basics for parenting a child that has been neglected/abused. It's heartbreaking to think that even at such a young age, life events can be so traumatic.

Another plus from the week-end was that there were more families adopting from Ethiopia than China. We were told that many families were actually switching from the China program to other countries because the wait for China is so long. Maybe that will work in our favor since we're going to stick it out with China.

We also turned in all our home study paper work on Saturday. Yesterday we received a phone call stating that all our paper work had been reviewed and approved for the next step. At this point they will compile all our paper work into a report, send our social worker to review it with us one last time, then send it to the VA for official approval. After that, we head back to Kansas City to apply for Immigration.


Good-Bye Home Study

'06 tax return is completed! Thank goodness for accountants, or we'd be in a mess! Clergy taxing is similar to military because we're considered self-employed.

This Saturday we're headed to Kansas City to attend an all-day seminar. It's provided by our agency and is apart of the home study process. I think most of the topics will include intercultural adoption issues and meeting special needs of adopted children. I'm looking forward to the education, as well as meeting other adoptive parents in our region.
PIC- Vince & I in Honk Kong last summer

An Orphan's Ticket Home

An Orphan's Ticket Home
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