Still Waiting...Sound Familiar??

It has been exactly six weeks today since we applied for immigration. They said to expect the process to take about five weeks. Yes, I'm starting to get that uh-oh feeling. There are a thousand different scenarios, but here are two extremes: our approval will be here tomorrow; or, there was a glitch with our home study and they'll get around to telling us sometime in the next six months.

It's impossible to contact the immigration office, so we'll wait it out a little longer, but if we get no news soon we'll get a congressman involved.


Sponsors Needed!! Summer Camp for Orphans

AWAA not only finds homes for orphans, but also ministers to special needs and older orphans who are more difficult to place with families. Below is an excerpt from the AWAA website...they are seeking donations for older Chinese orphans to attend summer camp. You can find more info at www.awaa.org.

America World is working diligently to prepare for the older orphans Summer Camp. The camp is schedule for mid July and we are in need to families to sponsor a child to attend this camp. Cost is $250 per child to go to camp. Please pray for the children who will attend this camp as well as for the America World staff and the fundraising needs.

For those who wish to contribute, checks can be made payable to AWAA. Please write “China camp” in the memo line.

There's ALWAYS a way for ANYONE to make a difference!!
What a unique Mother's Day gift to honor a special mother in your life!!


Our First Baby Gift

We received our first baby gift this Sunday!!

It is a snuggly blue-jean quilt. A sweet friend of ours, Karen Durden, made it. She was feeling inspired during the ice storm back in January...or, maybe bored.

Mayah will love it!!

An Orphan's Ticket Home

An Orphan's Ticket Home
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