It is finished...

...Vince's autobiography, that is! Let me just say...don't expect him to have a book signing anytime soon!

Our last pending item is our 06 tax return.

By the way, don't ever schedule a visit with your Dr. unless you're actually sick! Vince and I had to have a whole host of tests (blood, vision, hearing...) to complete our physical evaluation, and since all tests were elective on our part, you guessed it---ouch!!! I'm still in shock! Oh, well...at least our insurance is compliant with adding an adoptive child to our policy. They're even willing to waive the 'pre-existing condition' policy. We thank God for that, because in the long run coverage for her will be more significant than our one-time visit!

An Orphan's Ticket Home

An Orphan's Ticket Home
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