Everyday the fog is continuing to clear -- we are doing well -- healthy and happy!  Here's a picture post (I'll get back to word posts soon):

Last morning in Guangzhou...

After 20+ hours...two flights down, one to go...

We're HOME...

Calisthenics with KC...

First bath together...


we're home!

Well...at least in-body...our minds are still somewhere in la-la land! Exhausted does not even begin to describe our family! And thanks to our friend jet-lag, Judah was up at 1:30 am...and he stayed up all night! Fun! Our precious SIL, Kim, took over at 4:30 am so we could sneak a few hours of sleep.
I took Micah to the DR this morning--double-ear infxn, and serious junk in his lungs. Judah goes to the Int'l DR on Mon & Ped on Wed--he has Micah's same cough, and now a low-grade fever! Plus, another tooth broke the skin today...poor thing is so miserable!

Thanks for your prayers!! We're hanging in there!

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We made it to Detroit! Judah Fuxue is officially a US citizen! Waiting to board our flight to B'ham! We are beyond exhausted--we've been on the move for 24 hrs!!

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Meet America's newest citizen!!!


over-due update!

We made it G'zhou late Fri night, then had Judah's medical exam on Saturday.  Sunday morning we did a little shopping, and then had really hoped to hang-out with some friends from Hunter Street who live in G'zhou...but, those plans got canceled.  Micah had a low-grade fever and nasty cough on Sat night, and then on Sun afternoon the fever came back and the cough got worse.  By Sun evening Micah's temp was 102.  We've talked with two Drs in the US, and both seem to think it's a viral infection -- so not much we can do, other than lay-low in our room & keep his fever down.  We do have some Bactrim for him, but both Drs have advised holding-off on using that.  And I concur, Bactrim is nasty stuff!  I've had terrible side-effects from it! Yuck!
Meanwhile, Judah has started coughing and is refusing to eat.  He doesn't really have fever, but he does have a mouthful of teeth coming in.  Good grief!
Judah seems to be content with us.  He was obviously very spoiled by the nannies at his orphanage!  He wants to be held all the time -- oh, and not just held, we must be standing too.  He's also becoming a picky eater.  I can't tell you how much formula & baby food I've wasted because he wasn't in the mood for whatever option he was given.  I've got my work cut out for me when we get home!!
This afternoon we have our Consulate appt/oath taking ceremony.  Tomorrow we're supposed to go sight-seeing -- I really hope we can make it!  We're also supposed to see the Bunches tomorrow night, which we're really looking forard to, since we missed them on Sun!!
Sorry I've not posted many pics on the blog -- they've been easier to upload on facebook.


We're headed to Guangzhou to finish up our trip -- a much warmer climate.  Our time in Lanzhou has been great, but it's been very cold -- which has meant too much time in our hotel room!  We're trying to keep both the boys healthy.  Micah is a little stir-crazy -- us too!  But, we're all hanging in there!
We're also the only adoptive family in this province from AWAA.  We had a free day yesterday to walk the streets.  Let me just say, we are VERY conspicuous -- lot's of stares!  The people are friendly enough, but we do feel a bit out of place. We haven't seen any Westerners -- maybe they're more visitors here during the summer months.  Although, we did meet an adoptive family from Holland.  We're ready to see our American friends & do some shopping!



We've been in Lanzhou since Sun night.  Lanzhou is the capitol city of Gansu province, the province where Judah was born.  And abandoned.  Lanzhou was a primary city on the Silk Road, and is home to representative populations from most of China's ethnic groups.  The Silk Road was also an open-door for Buddism and Islam to penetrate this area. 

Sun night when we exited our airplane, and walked into the Lanzhou airport -- we were quite surprised to find it completed packed with Muslims (identified by the white cap that the Muslim men in this area wear).  They were waiting to greet and celebrate with friends/family who we're returning from some type of Muslim pilgramage.  Lanzhou is home to many Buddist temples and Islamic mosques -- there's even an autonimous region in this city where Muslims have certain freedoms from government regulation.  However, according to our guide who lives here, there is no Evangelical presense.  She herself (28) claims no religion.

That said, I have found it interesting to walk into almost any type of business here and see Christmas decorations.  Christmas trees, Santas, bells...you name it.  Oh, and the Christmas music that is usually blaring over the speakers.

But more than interesting, I find it so very sad.  And I've been filled with an angst since we've been here.  There's nothing more sad than to see a copy-cat, pagan celebration of Jesus' birth.  The Christmas decor almost magnifies the darkness.

And even more sad still, is the missed-opportunity that the Western Christian church has had to celebrate and share Christ during this very sacred time of year.  We've, instead, traded the Truth for Santa...and traded God's glory for the glory of ourselves and our children.  And we have taught our practices even to people here in China. 

We've pretended for so long that we, as Believers, can ride the fence...that we can taint our Savior's birth with pagan practices, and yet not deny His renown.  But I see here, now, in this city that we have denied God's renown -- especially as I watch the spiritually-dead hang garland on trees and wear stockings on their heads -- all the while, remaining under God's wrath. 

There's Christmas everywhere, yet no understanding or knowledge of God's redemption and grace, nor His holiness or glory.  As I watch millions upon millions walk around this city, dead in their trespasses, I can't help but feel a deep call to repentance.  And I can't help but wonder if the church were listening, would we hear God calling us to a collective repentance as well.


Hello, again, from Lanzhou!

The Martin-4 are doing well!  I've been trying to upload photos, but the dsl is too slow.  Thank you all for leaving comments--Vince & I really enjoy reading them!
Judah is doing great!  He has warmed-up to us--especially Vince!  I think he's going to be a daddy's boy!  Micah is doing well with the transition too!  He was so sweet this morning...Judah was crying, and Micah said 'he misses his family'.  What insight for a 2-yr old.  I told Micah that we're Judah's family now, he 'oh yeah'. So sweet!
A little about Judah...he is a porker!  Vince & I just can't get over that!  I brought him size 2 diapers...but his thighs are too big!  Now his length, on the other hand, is only between a 6-9 mos old.  And his gross motor skills are way under-developed--he cannot even sit up.  But I'm sure he'll catch up fast.  He's also still on a bottle -- we've tried some baby food, but he's going to have to learn to eat with his palate-challenges.  We may wait to tackle that at home.
I also cannot believe how long it takes for the 4 of us to get ready in the morning!!  Seriously!  Crazy!  I cannot even imagine going somewhere by myself with just the 2 boys...um, play-dates at the Martin's for the next 8-12 months! :)
Oh, and Chinese people love Micah!  Everyone talks to him--and of course he likes to show-off the Chinese that he's picked up--they love that!  All the girls take pics with him, and even feed him while we're out to dinner!  I'm loving it!!
Thank you for your prayers!  We are blessed and healthy! 



Quick update!
What a crazy 30 hrs!  We had a busy day in Beijing (church, Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square) yesterday, then took a 2+ hour flight to Lanzhou, and met Judah at 10pm last night!  Both of the boys slept great, then we had our civil affairs appointment today to finalize the adoption.  Finally at noon, we returned to the hotel and crashed for several hours.
Micah is doing great!  And Judah is a sweetheart -- a very easy-going baby.  Who likes to eat, I might add!  He is a total roly-poly!  I couldn't believe it!

God is most gracious!


We're here!

We made it to Beijing! Micah did awesome! We are so proud of him!
Now...time for bed and sight-seeing tomorrow!

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I'm sitting on a plane, headed to Seattle, to catch our flight to
Beijing...thanking God for all who helped this journey a reality!
Funny how before we headed out to bring Micah home, I couldn't blog
enough -- but this time around I am finding myself at a loss for
words. I guess instead of channeling my anxiety into words, I've been
channeling it into cuddles with my sweet Micah. Even as I watch him
sleep next to me on the plane...it's hard to let him be...I so want to
hold him close!
Yet we're so excited to be united with Judah -- but anxious as well.
We've not seen a pic of him or had an update since July. I have no
idea what to expect!! Is he still small, or has he grown? Crawling?
Walking? Talking? What will we find? What will we see when we look
into his eyes?

My stomach is in knots!! But soul is calm...you're prayers are felt!!

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