Wow- much has happened since my last post!

As most of you know, Micah & I took a tumble down the stairs in our home on Thursday. I will describe it as absolutely terrifying, and leave it at that. We ended up in the ER because Micah hit his head pretty hard...I can deal with broken bones and bloody noses, but I don't mess around with head injuries. After a CT scan, the ER doc felt comfortable enough to send us home...no fractures or significant bleeds. Thank you Jesus!!!! Needless to say, I was a nervous-wreck for the next 48-hours. And, I was devastated as a mommy (all I can remember was saying over and over to Micah "I am so sorry", while waiting for the paramedics to arrive)...but the Lord is slowly melting away the trauma.

We went to see Micah's Ped on Fri for an ER follow-up -- we were already suppose to see him on Monday for Micah's 12-mo check-up -- so, the doc said Micah appeared well, and gave him 3 vaccinations...POOR BABY!!! Talk about a rough two days!!! (oh, and he's almost 22 lbs...my little piggy!!)

Micah has since bounced-back to has usual self (and his head has even receded to its normal size). He's actually bounced back so much that he started crawling this morning. We had begun to think he was going to walk first because he was totally not interested in crawling -- well, were we wrong!! That boy is all over the place...of course, making a b-line to every plug in sight!!! It's so much fun to watch him scooting across the floor, as he enjoys his freedom!!


Nursery Woes and Whining

Little Micah Yoseph is kicking-off the life of a one-year old with a bang!

He refuses to stay in the nursery at church! I'm not sure if the metal crib-lined room is too reminiscent of life in the TH, or if he's simply experiencing separation-anxiety. Maybe a combo of both. I've sat in his room and played...we've tried dropping him off and sneaking away...we've tried not sneaking away and saying good-bye (this actually worked once). When we initially started leaving him in the nursery he handled it o.k. -- that is until someone change his diaper. For some reason this caused extreme panic. We think being laid in the metal cribs freaked him out because being changed on the floor did not evoke the same response. Regardless, he is 'not cool' with hangin' in the nursery!

Ahhhhh, who knows. We will continue to go through the motions, and pray that he will eventually feel safe (not abandoned).

And, ohhhhh, everyone LOVES little Micah -- they ooh-and-ahh over him no matter where we go. This is not necessarily a good thing because he's now begun to expect this attention. And when he doesn't receive proper doting at home, he's more than happy to let us know...by whining. I guess he whines partly because he cannot communicate his wants with words....needless to say, mommy has stepped-up our vocabulary lessons!!


FIRST birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Micah's birthday with a trip to the Birmingham Zoo -- despite the sweltering heat, he loved it! His favorite animals were the monkeys & the sea lions...I think that is because they offered the most action.

We're looking foward to Micah's official birthday celebration in Springfield/Branson when we head north for America World's Africa Reunion!

Yes, this is an out-house...couldn't resist!

Micah loved the big, white kitty...err, albino Bengal Tiger.

I was most excited about seeing the giraffes...Micah did not share my enthusiasm...maybe because they were too far away.

Any time, any place...happy baby...excuse me, I meant one-year old! :0

Ohhhh, sugar coma, here we come! No, the icing didn't make him sick! And despite the sugar-high, he slept most the night!

So funny, he'd never eaten cake, but he knew exactly what to do -- this kid don't mess 'round when it comes to food!

All clean...time for presents!

Thanks, Graham & Sawyer for my super-cool plaid jumper!!

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