Still 'paper chasing'

We're continuing to make process with our 'paper chase'...actually, I think we're coming to the end. We've completed our physicals and background checks...all is well. The last major components we're lacking are Vince's autobiography and our 07 tax return. Things have actually come together quicker than expected.

Our next step will be to send our completed home study documents to AWAA for review...they'll make sure we crossed all our t's. Once our paperwork is approved by AWAA, then our social worker will visit us, again, to complete the actual home study. After which her paperwork is submitted to AWAA, so they can make sure she crossed all her t's...Finally, we'll apply for Immigration.

We've both been assiged five books to read regarding adoption, so that will keep us distracted when we enter the 'wait' phase.


Ice Storm in Springfield

We had an ice storm last week-end that shut down the city all week. Now we're expecting 4-8 inc of snow tomorrow and residents are still w/o power. We lost it Sat night for only a few hours...we've been fortunate.

We started our home study this week. Our social worker came Tues to get us started on our 'paper chase'. (She had been stuck in MI over the week-end and came home to no power on Mon, but still came to see us Tues...what a big heart!) We went to our Dr. on Thurs to begin our med eval and hope to compete it next week. We are also writing our autobiographies and collecting a ton of documents...3 different background checks, new birth/marriage certs, employment/financial verification, and on and on...

We have another home visit and a seminar to attend, but the home study process should be finalized by the end of Feb. Then we apply for our immigration approval. The home study and immigration should be completed by the beginning of April, then we send our paperwork to the Chinese embassy (US) for approval. After that, all we need is translation and then our papers are off to China.

We are getting more and more excited now that the ball is rolling! Please pray that all our papers are completed correctly the first time so there will be no delays.


Criteria changes are official

We recieved word from our agency on Dec 27 that the rumored changes to China's adoption criteria are official. Our agency also forwarded to us the document they recieved from China informing them of their intent. The new criteria is identical to the info published by the NY Times & MSNBC. The new policy goes into effect may 1, 2007...sooo, if we are able to have our paper work translated and sent to China before that date we should be ok. Of all the new requirements, the biggest set back for us is the new net worth valuation (we're not even close). Any how, we're pushing ahead and hope to complete our home study by the end of Jan. Our greatest concern is immigration and finances. We've been told it takes about 3 mos to process the paper work, but we cannot pursue immigaration until we've completed our home study---and now that things need to move quickly, we'll need to have our finances that much more quickly, as well. Thank you for your prayers!

Vince & I are still completely hopefull...we know that it was God who put this idea in our heart and that in His time and in His way He will bring His plan to fruition!

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