Ironically enough...

I spoke with our family coordinator this morning, and it looks like all is well with our dossier. It's expected to be Fed-Ex'd to China this Friday. Upon arrival, we'll receive our log-in-date (LID).

Right now the estimated wait for a referral from the LID is 22 months. However, our fc seemed very optimistic about a possible decrease in the wait time after the first of the year. That would be wonderful! Several factors affect the wait time: stricter criteria enforced in May which disqualifies families (this one makes me sad), and families pulling-out b/c the wait is too long.

Ironically enough, this Friday Vince & I are headed to China with a missions team from church. What are the odds of that!! I'm not sure if we'll be chasing our paperwork, or, if it'll be chasing us.
We appreciate your prayers while we're in China: safe travel, safety from unclean food/water, invisible to the authorites and divine appointments.

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lori said...

We will be lifting you up as you travel! Keep us updated! Btw, LOVE the China ultrasound.

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