Eureka Springs!

Take what you can get...at least that's my opinion when it comes to getting-away with my hubby! Yesterday, we made a mad dash to Eureka Springs for an over-night stay. We lodged at a wonderful bed and breakfast, had dinner last night, and did some shopping this afternoon. We've not been to Eureka Springs before, and I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area. It's a charming town in the mountains -- actually, reminiscent of New Orleans -- with fun places to eat, nature to explore, and a quite eccentric atmosphere.

bed and breakfast...
complete with wild-life...
YES, Mr. Healthy ate the french toast souffle!
loved the shops...
and more shops...

NOTE TO SELF: do not plan get-away during major televised sporting event, unless destination has no TV's..hee hee


The Gillman Family said...

Hey Alisa,

We love Eureka Springs. There is also a little town just down from there called Holiday Island that we have stayed at as well. They have some great cabins out in the middle of nowhere and a nice golf course if Vince is a golfer! Oh and I love your "note to self" !!!

Have a good week,

ben and shauna said...

The pics are great. Ben and I will definitely plan a trip in the coming year there! Thanks.

Jennifer&Eric said...

Hi Alisa!

I am another AWAA adoptive parent - my husband and I adopted our first child, Noelle, from China just this March - and I discovered your blog a while back (from the AWAA Yahoo group, I think???). I have enjoyed checking in from time to time. I hope that your dual adoptions proceed smoothly and swiftly!

About your post-- My husband and I (BTW, we actually just moved away from our home in Missouri) spent our honeymoon in Eureka Springs. We loved it! I'm glad to see you enjoyed your time as well. :)

God bless!

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