spring fever-ish

So...I don't know about you, but we seriously have spring fever here at the Martin home!  Seems it's either too cold or too wet to go outside -- and besides, I'm trying to keep Judah healthy for his lip surgery.

Being bored-silly has really got me thinking about what I'd like to do this spring/summer with the boys!

1st on the agenda is to plant a garden!  I personally never have had my own garden.  Vince and I have always enjoyed landscaping and working in the yard together, but I never really had a burning-desire to plant a garden.  (Isn't funny how children change everything!)  I can remember while growing-up, my step-dad planted a few veggie gardens -- but I was never really involved in the process. 

I think Micah is at the perfect age to peak his interest in gardening!  He loves digging in dirt, and, he's starting to show an interest in learning the what, how & why about things!  Time to capitalize!  Since we're leasing our home (and...um...I probably shouldn't dig-up the yard), I'll only be able to have a container garden.  But I think that will work perfectly for our needs!  I think we'll start with tomatoes, peppers and maybe onions, since I cook with those veggies several times a week.

I found a great site to help me get going, called My First Garden!  We're going to start with seeds indoors, then move our plants to the containers when it's time.

I'm kind of excited!!

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Christy said...

You are going to have to post more when you do! I know NOTHING about gardening and the kids want to plant stuff here too. Last year we did an herb garden at MOPS and they all died on me. Thinking of having the courage to try again. ;)

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