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Sometimes thoughts do somersaults in my mind...round, and round, and round...

Ever since Egypt's revolution hit the media last week, my thoughts have been consumed with the situation.  Not sure why this story is different to me...the world has been a mess for a long, long time.  Still, I'm just disturbed.
Maybe I'm not so disturbed with what is happening, as much as I am with what started it all.  Obviously the protesters are dissatisfied with their country's leadership.  But one component of their frustration stems from their flailing economy.

And this is the truth that makes my stomach turn.
Our own government is flailing (at best), as well.  Yet, we have access to a band-aide called credit.  And we (our gov) continues to dump borrowed money into the US market, all the while, driving up inflation world-wide.  We, as Americans, feel only a tinge of the inflation so it's easy to not be concerned.  In America, we spend 10% of our income to eat three meals per day.  But in developing countries, families are spending 50% of their income to eat 1-2 meals per day.  The poor stay marginalized.  The hungry get hungrier.  Starving for food.  Isolated from Truth.

I guess I'm struggling because things seem so hopeless -- yet, I am a Believer, therefore hope should be mine.  I struggle with the injustices I see...I feel guilty.  Not so much because I have, and they don't.  But because I believe the lie that it's all hopeless...I do nothing.

Here's another struggle.  What can I do?  What should I do?  What should the North American church be doing?  Are we asking ourselves...asking God...these questions?  For the small percentage who are asking, are you asking believing there is an answer?

Sorry to unload here.  But I rarely find anyone who wants to talk about these things...much less pray about them.  Most don't want to know...don't care.


And the LORD said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground.


Team Dragovich said...

Don't apologize for your rambling... I appreciate it and have been mulling over much of the same struggling thoughts myself. It is hard from my comfortable position to imagine what living under such oppressive governments (the word 'government' being loosely applied here) is like. My understanding lies in the lingering attitudes of my Ethiopian children; still gorging at mealtimes, stories of street life, death, constant moving, lack of security-- all leaving residue behaviors of living the victimized life. Egypt is the same... maybe the statistics are a little different, but poverty, oppression and hopelessness are the ever-present elephants in the room.

At least, it seems, until now. Not a nation stands or falls outside of God's control-- am I believing this is really true? Am I believing that my fervent prayer for the Middle East is effectual? Have I even begun to utter a cry?

I am mad at governments who reign in such a way to cause the woundedness I see in my children, who, even in 5-6 short years of living, did not come out unscathed. I want the Egyptian people to win in this struggle. But I worry-- rather than pray-- what will come in the vacuum. How is there any type of internal structure in place to allow democracy to have it's way? So they protest... only to overthrow one dictator and allow another, more severe ruler in? Where is my faith in the One who is over every ruler and principality?

I just finished E.M. Bound's Necessity of Prayer. "...the life of a Christian is warfare, an intense conflict...waged against invisible foes, who are ever alert, ever seeking to entrap..." I watch this outward conflict and wonder if God would give to me, and more importantly the believers of the Middle East as He did the servant of Elisha; eyes to see the hills full of chariots and horses of fire surrounding the evil which so easily causes us to faint with lack of belief.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alisa... If we lived closer, I would meet you for coffee and be so filled to talk and pray with you about these things :)

E.faeth.adopt. said...

i understand your words, your concerns, your empathy. it is just worng when a people of nation want, no expect Hope and are not aware that others are trying to stump out that very hope. IT is obvious the people know injustice is hovering over them. Standing up for thier hope is admirable. now, if the gov. would just humble themselves and show compassion. right! human being know when something is not right. time passes, and then riots start. if only form the start, voices could have been heard, and validated. where is the justice system anymore or was it EVER? i do not like that 'authorities' of such gov continue to see injustice and turn a blind eye- it happens over this entire earth. open your eyes people!! see with your HEART.

great post.

Carolyn said...

I've been thinking about this post for a few days. In the meantime, I started reading Crazy Love. I'm struggling with so many of the same things.

I still don't think I can really get my thoughts in enough of an organized fashion to even write them down. This is hitting me hard, and I'm praying for God's direction. Praying for that for you too, Sister.

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