update #1

Judah finally went back for surgery about 10:40am. He was such a
trooper this morning, despite missing his oatmeal and bananas! He
played and giggled, and even napped for a little bit. Then a Chinese
guy (quite fitting) from the OR came to get him. It was a bit weird
handing him over to some stranger in a hallway! The mommy-in-me
wanted to demand that I go with him and monitor the entire process!
Mommies know better than surgeons...right?!
Dr. Grant's staff just called the waiting room to let us know he is
beginning Judah's procedure, and the anesthesia is successful. We're
expecting the lip repair to last a few hours (did I mention he's
getting ear tubes as well?). I'll update after surgery is complete.
We feel so honored to be Judah's mommy and daddy, and to care for all
his needs! Is the Lord calling you to minister to the fatherless?
You will never regret being Christ's hands and feet to the least of

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