Still 'paper chasing'

We're continuing to make process with our 'paper chase'...actually, I think we're coming to the end. We've completed our physicals and background checks...all is well. The last major components we're lacking are Vince's autobiography and our 07 tax return. Things have actually come together quicker than expected.

Our next step will be to send our completed home study documents to AWAA for review...they'll make sure we crossed all our t's. Once our paperwork is approved by AWAA, then our social worker will visit us, again, to complete the actual home study. After which her paperwork is submitted to AWAA, so they can make sure she crossed all her t's...Finally, we'll apply for Immigration.

We've both been assiged five books to read regarding adoption, so that will keep us distracted when we enter the 'wait' phase.

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