Ice Storm in Springfield

We had an ice storm last week-end that shut down the city all week. Now we're expecting 4-8 inc of snow tomorrow and residents are still w/o power. We lost it Sat night for only a few hours...we've been fortunate.

We started our home study this week. Our social worker came Tues to get us started on our 'paper chase'. (She had been stuck in MI over the week-end and came home to no power on Mon, but still came to see us Tues...what a big heart!) We went to our Dr. on Thurs to begin our med eval and hope to compete it next week. We are also writing our autobiographies and collecting a ton of documents...3 different background checks, new birth/marriage certs, employment/financial verification, and on and on...

We have another home visit and a seminar to attend, but the home study process should be finalized by the end of Feb. Then we apply for our immigration approval. The home study and immigration should be completed by the beginning of April, then we send our paperwork to the Chinese embassy (US) for approval. After that, all we need is translation and then our papers are off to China.

We are getting more and more excited now that the ball is rolling! Please pray that all our papers are completed correctly the first time so there will be no delays.

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