Black Hole Vomits Paperwork

Thought that one would catch your attention!!

This morning headed to my Wednesday shift at the Pregnancy Care Center, I made my usual Starbucks pit-stop. As I was leaving, coffee in hand, I crossed paths with blonde-haired mom and her beautiful Chinese daughter, happily perched on her hip. Not allowing one moment for sadness to sink in, I prayed, "Lord, I know you didn't let me cross their paths accidentally...and since you are a merciful and loving God, I'm going to assume you allowed us to cross paths so that I would be encouraged."

God honored that prayer.

Vince beat me home this afternoon, and as I entered the kitchen, he called out from the living room. He said he had something I needed to see....(could it be?).....I tried not to get excited, but instead strolled over to the couch, where he handed me an envelope from USCIS!

Finally, our immigration approval has arrived!!

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CousinKarat said...

Yaaaaaaay! Wooooo Hoooo! Consider yer'self hugged in celebration. I'll clap my hands when they are free. Oh yeah, nice title. You are the good kind of nut. Hang in there. He is just perfecting you and doing everything in His time!

Karen d

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