No News Isn't Always Good News

Still no immigration approval...tomorrow will be 8 weeks.

But let me tell ya about last week's fiasco...
Our family coordinator is off duty for 3 weeks for her wedding & honeymoon, so we've been assigned a temp coordinator for the mean time. Except for immigration, all of our paper work has been ready to submit to AWAA for several weeks.

Before our FC took off, she suggested we go ahead and send AWAA our paperwork for initial processing. And we did, but...I sent everything to the wrong person AND forgot to make copies of our original documents. That's a pretty big deal since I've been working on papers for 6 months, and if Fed-Ex were to lose them...oh, I can't even stand to think about that!

Anyway, our Fed-Ex made it to AWAA, and was located by the appropriate FC...thank goodness! But one problem was discovered, my OH birth certificate was county certified with the wrong date (06, instead of 07). Everything is time-sensitive! After several phone calls to OH (state and county) it has become evident they will not be able to help me in this lifetime, so I have to pay an agency to handle it for me, quickly. It's really not a big deal, it just stinks to pay for someone else's mistake...wow, suppose that's every-day life!

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