Official "Log In" Date

We received our confirmation email from AWAA yesterday stating that our official "log in date" (LID) was July 31st. So we were in fact logged in while we were in China!
Shortly after 7/31/07, China began translating our paperwork. The translation process takes an average of 5-8 weeks (so, we're currently in the middle of translation).
Along with our LID, we were notified of the current wait time: 22 months. AWAA seems optimistic that we should expect the wait to decrease sometime around May 2008. This will be exactly one year after China received the huge influx of applicants trying to beat the new adoption regulations.

I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you- Jesus

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Preston said...

We know this is late saying that your last post was in August, but better late than never. We wanted to let the two of you know we love you and will commit to pray for you through this waiting process. God will bless and guide you. We cannot wait for you guys to go pick up your little girl.

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