I don't know whether to count down...or up???

Technically, we should be down to 20 months of waiting, but...Vince spoke with our family coordinator last week, and she's losing her optimism. This very well could turn into a three year wait if the CCAA's pace remains static.

On another note, the CCAA has announced they will permit concurrent adoptions. This means we could pursue another adoption while waiting for Mayah. Initially, we were thrilled, but there are several problems. Most agencies and countries will not allow concurrent adoptions, regardless of what China permits. And, there must be at least 12 months between adoptions for families seeking to adopt children concurrently.

Another possibility is to pursue a special needs child from China. Although if we do this, after the SN adoption we'd have to start from scratch to adopt our daughter. We could have a SN boy in probably less than a year.

Who knows?
Please pray with us as we seek God's wisdom to stay the course or pursue another avenue.

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