'C' before 'E'...only in the alphabet

For the past month or so Vince and I have been more seriously contemplating the increasing waiting for our China referral. It's actually been quite a conflicting time for us...do we simply continue to wait out the 'wait' for our daughter from China?...or, is there a more purposeful reason for the wait (other than the sake of waiting)?

Well, after much prayer and research, we came to a conclusion.

We know we will have a daughter from China. But we also know time is a precious commodity; especially when growing a family through adoption. So we decided to further investigate China's concurrent adoption policy.

After discussing the possibility of a second adoption, our agency has been able to assure us that our situation is prime for applying to pursue a concurrent adoption.

And today we received official approval to pursue a concurrent adoption from Ethiopia...and we are thrilled!!!

You may be thinking, "Why Ethiopia?" -- and God has brought us to this conclusion: "Why in the world not."

We have 2-2.5 years before we travel to our Chinese daughter, but, we will be able to complete our Ethiopian adoption in approximately 12 months from today. This time frame will enable us to safely meet China's 12-month requirement between adoptions.

We will move forward swiftly after the New Year and will post the details as they unfold. For now, we would treasure your prayers for smooth paperwork and someone to plant a money tree in our backyard (ha ha - just kidding, although finances will be complicated).

Blessed Christmas to you all!


Greg & Laura said...

Congratulations on your decision...we know it's tough to sort through it all! We're thrilled for you guys and will be praying for you as you begin this new journey. Keep us posted. Merry Christmas!!
Greg and Laura

mrbjbb said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! We also prayed over Ethiopia and think it's a wonderful program!! Best wishes on this new journey. We'll keep you and your future children in our prayers...and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Missy and Brad

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