Off and Running

Holidays don't slow us down!
Our home study agency sent us a packet to update our home study several weeks ago, pending our approval for a concurrent adoption. I must admit the update will be much quicker than the original! The first time around our home study took about four months from start to finish. This time, hopefully one month will seal the deal.

Today, we returned to our family doc for a fun-filled morning of physicals and lab work. He was a little confused because he had already completed our exams - one year ago. We explained we're just jumping through the hoops because each adoption is time-sensitive and requires original documents.
After being poked, we headed downtown to be fingerprinted...again.
We'll return to the doc on Thursday to complete our medical paperwork -- then we'll buy our home study a one-way ticket to Kansas City and our social worker will take it from there.

We definitely feel like we have a good grasp on China's culture, people, history...so now it's time for an Ethiopia crash-course! I'll let you know what I discover!

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