Only in the Ozarks I suppose?

Today's weather has been crazy! This morning at about 9:00 am it was almost 70 degrees (I washed my car & even broke a sweat!)...now at 3:30pm we're below freezing, and it's snowing! But on a positive note, the weather changed so fast we were able to avoid the spring-like tornadoes we had several weeks ago.

Update: Our home study is on its way here from KC. Our next step will be to send it back to KC (ugh) to the USCIS, requesting a revision on our I-171H (immigration approval). Our friends, Missy & Brad, received their revision in about 20 days...oh, we can only hope our paper work will return as quickly.

In the mean time, I'm collecting the remaining documents for our dossier, complete with notary and authentication certification (can you say 'head-ache'??). Best case scenario: we log our papers with Ethiopia in March...worst case scenario: not ready to think about that yet.

Haven't said it in a while, so...Thanks! To all of you for checking our updates! We love you!


Bring Scout Home said...

Hopefully it won't take long. We got our I-171H in less than a month... maybe they are moving quickly these days.

Kelly B

mrbjbb said...

Hey you guys! Yes, wasn't the weather CRAZY yesterday?!?! And now, the possibility of several inches of snow!

I really hope and pray that your USCIS paperwork gets processed quickly. Just found out we will have to file all new paperwork because our paperwork from last year will likely expire before we travel. Double UGGG!

Here's to a speedy completion of your dossier and quick processing of your I-171H!

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