A Short-Cut...No Way?!

Our China adoption process included seeking approval from the USCIS to bring an orphan to the US as citizen. This paperwork cost just under $900, and it took about 13 weeks to receive our approval. USCIS approval was the most excruciating part of our China adoption process because we felt like it took forever!

Our agency informed us last week that we’ll be able to revise our current approval from China to Ethiopia…it will cost $0 and be quicker– yeah! Not to worry- this revision will in no way compromise our China adoption (I can assure you that was my first question). As our China adoption draws nearer, we’ll simply re-apply with USCIS to bring Mayah home.

This short-cut is extremely welcome…time is precious.

Our social worker came last night to ask one final question that was not included in our original home study for China. The question: “How do we deal with death and dying?” This question is so relevant because there is a great possibility that our child will have one, if not several, family members who were victims of HIV.

Speaking of HIV, many people have asked us about the health of our child. We are requesting a healthy child, although children with HIV are available for adoption. Our child will be tested for HIV twice, on two separate occasions. When we receive our referral, we’ll also receive a medical report so we can consult with a local pediatrician before we travel. There is medicinal intervention to prevent HIV transferring from an HIV-positive mother to her baby, but I’m not sure how available it is in Ethiopia…researching.

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