Happy Valentine's Day

Wow...not only did my husband leave a trail of rose petals leading from our bedroom to a wonderful cup of coffee he brewed for me this morning...we also received our I-171H today!!! I wasn't expecting it until the end of the month.

We still have a few papers to finalize. Our medical forms have to be re-notarized because the notary's commission expires 5/08 (must be valid for 12 months)...ugh!! And, we're still waiting for family/friends to complete their reference letters. The bulk of the work will be to take the 15+ documents to the local SOS to have each notarized document authenticated (and then make a zillion copies of everything). My goal is to have our dossier completed and in the mail to our agency by the end of next week. WOW! Potentially, our dossier could make it to Ethiopia by the end of Feb...very exciting!

Most importantly: praising God! This is all by Him, through Him & for Him!!


Greg & Laura said...

Congrats on the I-171H! Your dossier will be on its way to Ethiopia in no time...how exciting!! Talk to you guys soon.

Kelly said...

That is so exciting!! That would be awesome if we traveled together!!!You might want to check with Duni, but your medical forms might not need to re notarized. I turned in our medical forms with a notary expiring this spring (might be May, too). Duni told me as long as our dossier was in Ethiopia before they expired, we were okay. Let me know what you find out. I would hate it if there were new rules!!!

Kelly B

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