Suitcases, pockets and souls poured out

College students rock!!

This weekend Vince & I traveled to Dallas, TX with a group of students to attend Passion conference. It was an indescribable gathering of worship…Vince & I were richly encouraged and challenged as we hung out with college students who are changing our world! The weekend was especially meaningful to me, in the midst of adopting two precious children, to realize these very students are our children’s future teachers, physicians, coaches, small group leaders and pastors. I praise God for raising up a generation of young adults who love His Word, extend mercy to all and seek justice for the ‘least of these’…

Do Something Now Campaign
What can 6000 college students do in one weekend?

…give over $18,992 to build at least six wells in Africa so people can have clean drinking water
…give $80,040 to take Passion to South Korea fall 2008 (it will be a free event for Korean college students, funded by US college students)
…give 300+ garbage bags full of clothes off their backs (literally) and empty their suitcases to supply a clothing distribution center for the students of Union University (TN) who lost everything last week due to devastating tornadoes
…donate 3700 towels and 17800 pairs of socks to homeless shelters in the Dallas metro area

So we lift up our voices
We open our hands
To cling to the love
That we can't comprehend

Oh, lift up your voices
And lift up Your heads
To sing of the love
That has freed us from sin

He is the One
Who has saved us
He is the One
Who embraced us
He is the One Who has come
And is coming again
He's the remedy
-david crowder band

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lori said...

yea! I'm glad you got to come down to Dallas and be refreshed and encouraged! I had a feeling you guys were closer than normal to us. ;) Thinking of you and praying for you!


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