Another Quick Update

~~We had a conference call with our agency on Tuesday, and it sounds like things are going well. Vince & I are still hopeful for a referral by the end of the month (but, realistically, it could be October...ugh). The greatest part of this journey so far is that God has shown me the freedom I have to cry-out to him on behalf of this adoption, and this child. Yes, in confidence to ask that His will be done, but also in confidence to bring to completion the work of adoption that He planted in my heart!

~Remember the family I mentioned who lost their Ethiopian daughter to pneumonia? I am very pleased to share they have received another infant girl referral & hope to travel in November to get her. They had a memorial service for their first daughter and have expressed their joy because God has allowed both girls to be apart of their life!

~~Our adoption ministry at SBC, Chosen Lives, is hosting a lunch on Sunday for families interested in/pursuing/completed an adoption. We're expecting about 80+ people to attend -- we're very excited!!! Our goal for the event is to help families network & share theirs stories!

~Next week, we're heading south for a few days - and then Saturday, we're headed to Nicaragua. SBC has hosted Pastor Schools in Nicaragua for several years, and this year I have the awesome/humbling opportunity to teach for Pastor's Wives conference.

Where were you seven years ago, today??
I was at home getting ready for work (LSU Medical Center) when I received a call from a friend, who told me to turn my TV on. I did, and in disbelief, watched as plane #2 crashed into a WT tower. In a daze, I went to work only to sit by the radio and sneak to various waiting rooms to catch the news. That night I attended a prayer service at Broadmoor Baptist Church. I still don't think I fully comprehend how deeply the events of 9/11/01 have impacted our lives/society. God bless the people of America!!

PS- thanks for checking in :)


The Gillman Family said...


We missed you tonight!!!


lori said...

Praying and waiting with you for news! :)

Carmen said...

V & A,
Praying HE meets your every hearts' desire for the sake of His Name...and the good of His servants!

Glad HE has crossed our paths...

bountiful blessings!

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