Families through court, and not

We are rejoicing for the AWAA families that passed court today!!! This is a 'big deal' because these families were the first AWAA families through court since its re-opening this month... very re-assuring...paper work is moving!!!

Congrats!!! Click their links to meet their kiddos!!
The Lusses
The Redferns
The Schmidts
The Wempes

On a frustrating note, a couple of dear families who are adopting sibling groups did NOT pass court today...our hearts are breaking with theirs.
UPDATE: The families who did not pass court are each adoption a sibling-group. While the courts were closed, Ethiopia made some changes to the paper work requirements for sibling-group adoptions. The families will be able to provide the documentation that is needed - their next court date is scheduled for early November.

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