for YOU!!!

Gracious thanks to all who prayed for us & with us this morning!!! It was amazing to be one-in-spirit with so many!!! And thank you for your encouraging posts & emails, too! We felt your prayers (always have, and still do)!! We are not looking for anything magical to happen, we just wanted to re-align ourselves with God's will for our adoption...it's easy for us to run ahead & even make assumptions.

Now, I want to do something special for you!

Please, take a moment to post a prayer request , a praise or even just a word of encouragement to be read by those who frequent our blog!!! It would be our honor to pray for you & celebrate with you....not to mention, our blog gets much traffic by many 'praying' people!!! :)

God Bless!!!


Jamie said...

Thanks for the encouragement to pray. This morning I was compelled to pray for your situation as well as my own. That is something you and others can pray about. Our adoption homestudy is moving along and will probably by finished within the month. Also, please pray for the finances to be in order for our adoption needs.

CousinKarat said...

oh, it was a good day to wake up a little earlier and pray a little more . . . I'll let you know if something pressing comes up, meanwhile you can pray for my Friend Tara and her little one Lilly. See http://lillysbigadventure.blogspot.com/ :)

Preston and Courtney said...

I have been praying all day for you guys. You have been very heavy on our hearts.

Please pray for Preston and I to be guided by the Lord in every decision we make.

We love you guys!

Karen said...

We loved being able to pray for you today knowing that so many others were praying with you too. Your faithfulness is a blessing to us. We can't wait to meet this little Martin! For now, we'll keep praying. We love you.

em_01 said...

Vince and Alisa,

I am praying for the Lord to provide you with His comfort and peace as you await the next phase of your adoption journey! Please know my prayers and support are always with you!

God Bless,


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