a little about Qingyang, Gansu province (China)

China is one of the most remarkable, beautiful places that I have ever traveled to -- the rich culture and breath-taking landscape are unlike any other place in the world!  We are so proud to have a son from this region.  And although we've never been to Gansu province, I have been reading that it is even more enchanting.  Our little boy is from Qingyang City (which means celebration), however when we travel to his province we will stay in the capital, Lanzhou.  This is where we will have our Gotcha Day.  With a nanny and the orphanage director, little Judah will take a 6+ hour van ride from Qingyang to Lanzhou...and, then be plopped into our arms.  I expect it to be a traumatic day for him.

(images courtesy of...the internet)

All of our paperwork should finally be the hands of China's adoption officials, who will submit to us our approval to travel!!

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