updates {travel & auction}

I've had tons of questions about when are we going to China!!!  Well, that is a great question!  But, here's what we know:

-our I-797 Notice of Action (this is our US visa approval to bring Judah to the US) was forwarded to the US Consulate in China last week
-the US Consulate in China gives our paperwork (Judah's visa application) one, final stamp of approval -- then they forward the papers on to the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs)
-once the CCAA receives our paperwork from the Consulate, they send our travel approval to our agency
-with travel approval in-hand, our agency begins coordinating our travels to/in China -- we will leave for China 2-4 wks after travel approval
-the above process should only require a few weeks!!

Our silent auction is going well!!  You can scroll-down, or, click here to check it out!!  Bidding ends tomorrow night at midnight!

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Carolyn said...

Makes me want to walk over to the consulate and make some people stamp some papers! =)

We're praying you travel SOON! We'll be in the U.S. November 20-Dec 2 (or so) and we don't want to miss you. We want to see that sweet boy in your arms...

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