china travel update

I've been waiting to post an update, in hopes of having exciting news
to share -- but since we're not sure when to expect our travel
approval, here's an update, before the update :)

Our agency felt like we might receive our travel approval from China
at the end of last week -- but they now think we could be waiting
another 1-2 weeks. And depending on when consulate appointments are
available, it could be mid-Dec before we leave.

We are eager to get to China, we're eager to hold Judah, and eager
just to have solid dates -- but that said, our hearts are at rest in
the Lord. He has shown our family immeasurable kindness throughout
this process...and we trust fully the He will complete His work in
pefect timing!

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Jamie said...

I'm praying for peace for you and Vince.

Alison said...

Can't wait to hear about your travel dates!! YAY!!

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