tickets purchased!

Our consulate appointment has been scheduled, and 3-going/4-returning airline tickets have been purchased!  And, they were less expensive than I was expecting! 

Wish I had more to share, but my mind is a mushy-mess right now!


KLT said...

Rejoicing in your happy mushi-mush brain condition! ...will continue to keep your whole family in prayer!

Sherry said...

AHHH!!! So, so excited for you all!! We should be getting LOA any day, so just a few months behind you. Can't wait to follow your trip and see all God has in store for your family. Blessings!
Sherry :)

Lyn said...

I'm another AWAA family. We are in Travel Group 174a. Are you in 174A or B?? Any idea why there are 2 groups??

"T" said...

Hey I do have your blog and we are in A and not sure whats up with the B either?

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