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We got to meet the Setliffe's!!! Rachel, Matt and little Ava! They are also adopting from Ethiopia (America World Adoption Assoc), which is how we officially crossed paths.

On Monday afternoon, Vince & I had the opportunity to steal away from our conference for a quick trip to Tampa's Ybor City. We met the Setliffe's at a wonderful Cuban restaurant they recommended, The Columbia. Rachel is a stay-at-home mom and Matt works with Innovative Mission Opportunities, an agency dedicated to the 10/40 Window. They are truly an amazing family, completed devoted to Jesus!

Please pray for this sweet couple...the next couple of weeks will be quite stressful (family illness and Matt's travels).

The Singles Metro Conference we attended was outstanding...we gained a wealth of knowledge, and developed many friendships that I know we'll treasure over the years to come!!

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The Raymers. said...

Ybor- our old stomping grounds. Isn't the Columbia great? I miss good Cuban sandwiches now that we live in NC.

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