Together, At Last!

The following families are in Ethiopia right now...below you can see and read about their very first moments with their newest family members!!!

The Kidds
The Cordells
The Wests
The Gardners
The Shaetz Family (blog not available)

Tomorrow, our agency is hosting a conference call with the 90+ families who are waiting for referrals (I think we may be in the top 30). They will give us an over-all update for all waiting families, share updates on progress in Ethiopia (orphanages, court proceedings...) and also answer our one-millions questions.

Thursday, we head to Kansas City (again) to update our fingerprints with the USCIS/Dept of Homeland Security (our current prints will expire in July).


CousinKarat said...

Do you find it a tad odd that fingerprints expire?

Greg & Laura said...

Thanks for sharing the blogs...what did we do before blogger! Hope you guys have fun in KC!

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