May we never stop...

...asking, "Why?"...
...of others, and ourselves...

We have been waiting almost one year for our daughter from China, and over four months for our son/daughter from Ethiopia. And as cumbersome as the adoption process is, the one thing Vince & I never become weary of is God reminding us why we are doing this. Here is His most recent gentle reminder:

The following is an excerpt from Melissa Fay Greene's There is No Me Without You, describing her thoughts as she she began to wrap her mind around the orphan crisis in Ethiopia-

"Who was going t0 raise twelve million children? That's what I suddenly wanted to know...Who was teaching twelve million children how to swim? Who was signing twelve million permission slips for school field trips? Who packed twelve million lunches? ...Who will tell twelve million bedtime stories? ...Twelve million birthday parties?
Who will wake in the night to eighteen million nightmares? Who will offer grief counseling to twelve, fifteen, eighteen, thirty-six million children? Who will help them avoid lives of servitude or prostitution? Who will pass on to them the traditions of culture and religion, of history and government, of craft or profession?
Who will help them grow up, choose the right person to marry, find work and learn how to parent their own children? Well, as it turns out, no one. or very few. There aren't enough adults to go around."

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying,

“Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”

Then I said,

“Here am I! Send me.”

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Yarnsmith said...

We were well into our adoption process when I read that book. It really helped me to understand a bit better where my children were coming from. The numbers are staggering, and seeing them written out again staggers me still.

chris g.

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