FIRST birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Micah's birthday with a trip to the Birmingham Zoo -- despite the sweltering heat, he loved it! His favorite animals were the monkeys & the sea lions...I think that is because they offered the most action.

We're looking foward to Micah's official birthday celebration in Springfield/Branson when we head north for America World's Africa Reunion!

Yes, this is an out-house...couldn't resist!

Micah loved the big, white kitty...err, albino Bengal Tiger.

I was most excited about seeing the giraffes...Micah did not share my enthusiasm...maybe because they were too far away.

Any time, any place...happy baby...excuse me, I meant one-year old! :0

Ohhhh, sugar coma, here we come! No, the icing didn't make him sick! And despite the sugar-high, he slept most the night!

So funny, he'd never eaten cake, but he knew exactly what to do -- this kid don't mess 'round when it comes to food!

All clean...time for presents!

Thanks, Graham & Sawyer for my super-cool plaid jumper!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics of a beautiful family. looks like a wonderful first birthday! I'm not really anonymous, just don't have a google account! Blessings to you, Vince and your precious little guy!
Ellen M. in Springfield

Anonymous said...

Looks Like Micah's 1st birthday was a hit! Wish him Happy Birthday from me!

Erin McCoy said...


jamullins said...

Adorable pics. He's such a cutie!

Greg and Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Micah! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day - love the pics - he is just adorable! Miss you guys!

Missy and Brad said...

Happy Birthday, Micah! What an absolute doll! (Love the out-house photo...I would've done the same thing with Zeke...LOL!)

Reno said...

This gives me so much joy! What a blessing to see Micah home and so loved. Happy Birthday Micah!

Love, TeamReno

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Micah! He just gets cuter and cuter. :)

Darren said...

Happy Birthday Micah!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rosalind said...

I was surfing the web looking for information for a friend traveling to Ethiopia and wound up on an ethiopian adoption blog. I read one and clicked on another and another...
God bless you and your family. I've slipped lately in regards to my faith and I think God led me to read these journals. Some of your posts really hit me. Your music is inspirational too!
Anyway, your son is a cutie. As a black American female I commend you and your husband for your love having no boundaries. How better how society would be if everyone opened the windows of their heart and loved all of God's children. I think we are closer than ever.

Best of everything to you and yours,
Rosalind B.

williamandshelley said...

can't believe he's 1! what adorable pics! we are planning on taking Liam to the zoo for #1 and eating cake :) it's so good to see Micah - he is BEAUTIFUL!

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