Wow- much has happened since my last post!

As most of you know, Micah & I took a tumble down the stairs in our home on Thursday. I will describe it as absolutely terrifying, and leave it at that. We ended up in the ER because Micah hit his head pretty hard...I can deal with broken bones and bloody noses, but I don't mess around with head injuries. After a CT scan, the ER doc felt comfortable enough to send us home...no fractures or significant bleeds. Thank you Jesus!!!! Needless to say, I was a nervous-wreck for the next 48-hours. And, I was devastated as a mommy (all I can remember was saying over and over to Micah "I am so sorry", while waiting for the paramedics to arrive)...but the Lord is slowly melting away the trauma.

We went to see Micah's Ped on Fri for an ER follow-up -- we were already suppose to see him on Monday for Micah's 12-mo check-up -- so, the doc said Micah appeared well, and gave him 3 vaccinations...POOR BABY!!! Talk about a rough two days!!! (oh, and he's almost 22 lbs...my little piggy!!)

Micah has since bounced-back to has usual self (and his head has even receded to its normal size). He's actually bounced back so much that he started crawling this morning. We had begun to think he was going to walk first because he was totally not interested in crawling -- well, were we wrong!! That boy is all over the place...of course, making a b-line to every plug in sight!!! It's so much fun to watch him scooting across the floor, as he enjoys his freedom!!


Janet Whipple said...

So glad everybody's okay!!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Alisa! yes as Janet said - so glad you are all ok! Also congrats on Micah's new milestone of crawling!! Our little guy just got it too on August 13th :) seems like they are on the same track! Roscoe commented to Micah the other day "Buddy, why do you always crawl for the things that are going to kill you?" Never mind toys - electric cords and socckets are much more interesting!

Take care!

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