Nursery Woes and Whining

Little Micah Yoseph is kicking-off the life of a one-year old with a bang!

He refuses to stay in the nursery at church! I'm not sure if the metal crib-lined room is too reminiscent of life in the TH, or if he's simply experiencing separation-anxiety. Maybe a combo of both. I've sat in his room and played...we've tried dropping him off and sneaking away...we've tried not sneaking away and saying good-bye (this actually worked once). When we initially started leaving him in the nursery he handled it o.k. -- that is until someone change his diaper. For some reason this caused extreme panic. We think being laid in the metal cribs freaked him out because being changed on the floor did not evoke the same response. Regardless, he is 'not cool' with hangin' in the nursery!

Ahhhhh, who knows. We will continue to go through the motions, and pray that he will eventually feel safe (not abandoned).

And, ohhhhh, everyone LOVES little Micah -- they ooh-and-ahh over him no matter where we go. This is not necessarily a good thing because he's now begun to expect this attention. And when he doesn't receive proper doting at home, he's more than happy to let us know...by whining. I guess he whines partly because he cannot communicate his wants with words....needless to say, mommy has stepped-up our vocabulary lessons!!


kristin said...

Keep him with you! We have always wanted Madison to stay with us during worship (big service). We love being together as a family and Madison being able to be trained to sit still in the service at a young age. Seeing her parents worship and hearing the gospel and word of God! :)

Team Dragovich said...

I'm sure you have heard this more than once by now, but ALL my boys did this at around the same age-- some worse than others and/or later-- but all had that separation anxiety. Also the whining picked up dramatically-- still going strong... ha, ha!!

Just remember-- nothing lasts forever-- except life in Christ-- yeah for that!!!!

Zack, Rebecca and Caleb Caldwell said...

So with you as far as the attention thing goes- everyone loves Caleb too, and he loves the attention! What will we do with those cuties :)

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