Look at my Big-Boy teeth!!


Julie said...

Cute, cute, cute! They really do take on such a different look once those teeth come in ... so big! I'm glad Micah did well in the nursery on Sunday. He'll be looking forward to going and playing with his friends in no time!

alisonmomof3 said...

Alisa, He is getting SO big!!! Where is the time going? I have a box of 12-18 month winter clothes for you. Hopefully, I'll see you before he outgrows them. At the rate he's growing, I'll have to come tomorrow!! -- alison

Zack, Rebecca and Caleb Caldwell said...

Look at that smile!!!!! He is just too cute! We are praying for your last post as well. God will provide. I know you know this!

Ruthie said...

Oh my...what a doll!!

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