six months home

Well, September marks our sixth month home with Micah. He has officially been in our care longer than he's been in anyone else's care. This is a very special milestone to us!! He's doing amazing, so much so that it is easy to forget how far we have come as a family. Vince talks often about the first night we spent with Micah in Ethiopia...Micah was terrified, and so were we...we couldn't help but wonder, "What have we done??" We then re-lived that very experience during our first night with Micah here in Birmingham.

But all three of us persevered. We have grown into the family God has planned for us to be.

A very special milestone (for me, in particular) has also occurred this month.

After months and months of dadadada.....finally, mamamamama!!
I don't think Micah's inability to call me mama had affected my bonding with him--I know he knows I am his mama. But it has been so sweet to hear him experiment with his new-found consonant! (Even if he doesn't realize he's saying mama, I love hearing it just the same!!)

We also attended an America World Africa Reunion last week-end in Branson, MO. We loved meeting families that we've corresponded with via email/YG over the past two years. We spent time with the family we traveled to Ethiopia with in March -- and, we got to see many of the children we met in Ethiopia...this time they were with their forever-families!!! No words to describe...

We also were able to see many dear friends from Springfield--most of them had not met Micah yet, so we had a welcome home/birthday celebration!

I'll post some pics soon (or you can check out facebook).

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