Children's Hope Chest vision project

Adoption just ain't a one-time thing...

It bleeds into orphan-care...which spins your world permanently upside-down...in a beautiful way! You never again make a purchase or decision without considering, how will this purchase/decision affect my ability to care for the least of these, for the glory of God?

Some families that we know through our Ethiopia adoption are living this upside-downness in Ethiopia right now!! A group of average (well, heroes to me) moms and dads are traveling with Children's Hope Chest's Tom Davis to scout-out remote orphanages -- to establish sponsorship programs for the children in these orphanages.

Vince and I have already committed to participate in the sponsorship program, and hope to visit the orphanage(s) when we complete our 2nd ET adoption! We would have loved to join the vision team this time around, but finances were a little too tight as we save for *Baby Judah* (more on that later...).

Most of the team is blogging about their trip -- so I encourage you to follow their adventures...I AM!!

(you can also read Micah's story on Tom's blog)

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Anonymous said...

Don't want to alarm you or others until you investigate (that's why I'm posting on an old post) But read this blog about what HopeChest is starting to do.


I know that the founders of HopeChest probably don't realize what is happening and I have also emailed them about this.

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