Oh, the things we do!

Sunday we took a whirl-wind trip to Nashville to have dinner with a group (a big group) of adoptive families who live in TN or near by. Three hours there, and three hours home...just to hang out with new and old friends for about 2 hours. Crazy, but so worth it!! We look forward to meeting up with them again soon! All the families are in various stages of Ethiopian adoptions -- so, of course we met for dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant!

Here's the blog for the Nashville fellowship group...you can see more pics & more blogs.

This is Rachel! She lived in Ethiopia for about a year and managed our agency's transition home.
Unfortunately, she moved back to the states in Feb '09 --
we picked Micah up in Mar '09 --
so although she cared for Micah we weren't able to meet her.
But, surprise! We met her Sun night!
This is Rachel with Micah in Ethiopia exactly one year ago -- WOW, or what!!!

Traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony! Best coffee in the world!!

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