no ordinary girl

I am so very blessed to know some pretty amazing people! And my dear friend, Karen, is one of those amazing people!
I met her in 2004, and have had the opportunity to watch God morph her from a quiet chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly, not afraid to take flight.
Several years ago, Karen was over-weight. But she grew tired of all the baggage that came with the extra weight (including how it hindered her physically and emotionally from serving God completely).

So...205-pounds lighter, she took her first mission trip to Manzanillo, MX. She hasn't slowed down since.

And now, this once shy woman is departing on the 30th (with a group of strangers) to minister to the fatherless in Uganda and Ethiopia. Her first trip without the security of her church-family. Her first trip to Africa.
Way to go, Karen! We are so proud of you!!!
You are our hero!
You are a world-changer!!

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Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

That's so neat!! Praise God!

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