no excitement to report

Nothing exciting happening with our 2nd Ethiopia adoption. The Christmas holiday and New Year's slowed our home study process way-down. Ugh! It seems like we're always starting, updating a home study during Dec/Jan. Ugh, again!

Right now I'm just gathering necessary paper work, and other stuff like that, while we wait to hear from our social worker.


Although, we are ENJOYING every minute with Micah! His little personality is so funny! We drove the first-leg of our trip home from Tampa on New Year's day. We stopped to grab a bite to eat at Bob Evans. After our waiter brought our drinks, he told us he would be "right back" to take our order. Well, he obviously did not return quick enough, because Micah keep turning around in his chair, trying to find the guy, and wagging his finger while saying "right back, right back" -- ha ha, it was so funny!

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