Our first Birmingham Adoption Fellowship!!!!

Last night we had a pseudo-Genna party at our house!! A house FULL of old and new friends joined us with their kiddos, and their stories of the kiddos they anticipate joining their families!! We had a wonderful, crazy evening! This had actually been a missing piece from our Springfield days. When Vince and I started our journey to Micah, we had a fantastic opportunity to hang-out monthly with other African adoptive families....and we have missed this group SO MUCH!!!!! There's just something special about the bond between adoptive families -- and especially transracial adoptive families....a place to feel safe...and normal!! But was last night a beautiful reminder that we can have that right here in Birmingham, too!! I think all the families were equally encouraged and we all promised each other that we're going to do this often!!!

Two of the families who joined us have children adopted from Ethiopia. One family had recently completed the adoption of a beautiful African-American baby boy. A fourth family is anxiously awaiting the call about their daughter in Uganda. And the rest of the families are pursuing/praying about adoption/fostering.

Juda, Ben and Micah (baby Cooper will be romping around with them soon enough!!)

Stephanie, Casey and baby Cooper

Micah's Genna gift. Traditionally, clothing is given to children for Genna, but I goofed and gave Micah his sweat suit for Christmas and left the train for Genna. Oh, details, details!


scarthur said...

Looks like fun! That is a gorgeous picture of Micah and yourself - you look stunning (just had to say)!!

Michelle Wilson said...

Thank you again for hosting us, and for your prayers as we wait for Miriam's referral. Maybe it will be this week!

It was lovely to meet your precious family, and the rest of the group as well. We already cherish this network.

Anonymous said...

We had such a great time! Thank you so much for planning the get together! It was so great to meet with other transracial families! Ben and I are looking forward to getting to know your family better!

Melissa Juvinall said...

Alisa, we actually were in the Ethiopia Guesthouse at the same time as Daphne and Ben!! How strange to read her blog today and then read yours tonight and see the same photo posted!! The adoption community is such a small world!!
Miss you, Melissa

Apryl said...

I miss getting together with other families too! Haven't given a thought to starting a group up here (or, for that matter looking for one). Way to take the initiative and get support going for other families (and yourself).

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for starting this! It is such a blessing!!

3 Blessings said...

So happy for you guys to be able to fellowship with those who live nearer to you. However, we hope you will still be able to make it to the Nashville group some time. We enjoyed meeting you.

DeDeandMatt said...

We really enjoyed ourselves and thanks for the invite and we continue to pray about our families next step. I LOVED being there and getting to know everyone.

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