celebrate a MOTHER, bless a CHILD

This will be the second Mother's Day I will celebrate as the forever-mommy to my sweet Micah Yoseph from Ethiopia. Yet I still can't help but think about the many, many children in Micah's birth country who are currently growing-up without a mom. Or, the many other children who are living on the street or with destitute relatives because their mother is too sick to care for them.

This Mother's Day, I don't want a single gift...I want nothing...other than the opportunity to be a surrogate mother of-sorts to these lonely, hurting children. And I pray that you will join me this Mother's Day! Join me, and stand in the gap for mother's who are unable to feed, clothe and educate their precious little ones!

Here's how YOU can be apart!
You can celebrate your mother (any mother...or any special woman) by making a monetary donation that will be presented to Kind Hearts care-point in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I will send a Celebration Card (picture below) to the woman (or women) you wish to honor -- letting her know she has touched your life, and the lives of children in Ethiopia!!!

Kind Hearts (sponsored by Children's HopeChest) is a care-point for orphaned and impoverished children -- because of the gracious support of sponsors, Kind Hearts is able to provide to food, clothing, and education...and most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus! But the children of Kind Hearts have many other needs as well! Clean water, bathrooms, kitchen, books, playground equipment...!!

Your donation can help Kind Hearts become more than just a place to survive, but a place to THRIVE!!! These children are Ethiopia's future...let's help them be world-changers!!

Excited yet? I am!! And so is Children's HopeChest!

Here's how you can participate:

To make a donation, use the PayPal donation button on the right column. While making your donation, there is a place for special instructions so you can provide me the name and address of the woman you are honoring. 100% of your donation will go to KH -- I'm donating the stamps and cards! I will print and mail your card the week before Mother's Day. And on Mother's Day I will present our donations to Children's HopeChest -- check back here as well, so we can celebrate our efforts together!!

Questions?? Don't hesitate to contact me at alisafmartin at yahoo dot com

For more info about Kind Hearts, visit Karen Wistrom's blog (Kind Hearts sponsor coordinator)!!

Below is a video of Kind Hearts, compiled by a team who visited KH in March 2010 on behalf of St Joseph Christian School, St Joseph, MO:

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