you + me = PLAYGROUND in Ethiopia


...equals NO MORE this!

Kind Hearts care-point for orphaned & impoverished children is in desperate need of many things. Playground equipment is on that list (see above pic, taken by Karen Wistrom in Nov 09). Might not seem like a high-priority -- but, every child needs a few moments in their day when they can be, well...a child. Carefree, giggly, silly, dreamy...released from heart-ache and worries, that often plague the children at Kind Hearts.

Playground equipment for KH will cost around $2800. For some reason, this project spoke to me. Clean water, medicine & education are extremely vital needs for these children. Just like salvation is of utmost important to Followers of Christ.


God didn't stop with salvation. It was a beginning point from which He lavishes blessing into our lives.

And I'm not satisfied to just give the basic minimum to the children at Kind Hearts. The love of Christ compels me to do otherwise!! I want them to know, in their heart-ache and isolation, that's God love for them isn't a worn-out, hand-me-down...it's pure, full...over-flowing!

You can help make this a happen! Make a donation for KH (top, right button) in honor of a special mother or friend this Mother's Day, and I'll send a Celebration Card to that very special woman, letting her know how incredible her influence has been! It's reaching all the way to Africa!!

Read the post below (date 4.20.2010) for more details!

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