happy daddy day!!

As most you know, Vince & I decided to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day a little differently this year. Instead of buying gifts for each other, we put that money toward fundraisers for Kind Hearts and Into The Streets of Ethiopia (ministries is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Thank you to all who helped multiply our investment!! Hope your families were as richly blessed as our's has been!

Even though I didn't purchase a gift for Vince, I did make him one (with some left-over supplies I had purchased to decorate Micah's room). A painted-by-yours-truly card on canvas! I even wrote the poem! Boy, am I crafty, or what!!?? (not!)

The poem says:

God sent you to me
in a land far away
To remind me of His grace
every single day
I see the heart of Jesus
in the things you do and say
Thank you for loving and leading me
and teaching me The Way
God's promises are true
I know He'll prove them--every one
Pray my feet are swift and beautiful
and gorify the Son!"

Yes, I realize I left the "L" out of glorify in the poem above -- if you notice, I did that on the canvas as well. I told Vince that's the beauty of hand-made gifts...full of character...and typo's! ;)

Blessed Father's Day!!!


Polly said...

I love that!!! You are a beautiful wife and mother. Oh, and Happy Father's Day to Vince!

DeDeandMatt said...

so sweet

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