back in Birmingham...AL, that is

We're home! We flew in to the ATL airport then drove back to Birmingham. That ride was by-far the hardest part of the trip...we were SO tired. Micah did OK on our return flight -- the first 3 hours were a bit hellish, but he finally fell asleep.

Would we travel, again, with only a lap ticket for an almost-2-year old? YES! It was a little inconvenient, but so worth it to save the money!

Would we take an almost-2-year-old on an international trip again? YES!! It definitely adds a new dimension of mental exhaustion -- but the experiences we shared as a family were priceless (even though Micah won't have memories, only pics).

I'll share more about our London trip/my observations in the next several days as well!

About our China call...I will share more this week, once we've officially accepted our referral. Our family would cherish your prayers as we move forward in the process!!

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Alison said...

So glad ya'll are back, and I can't wait to hear about "the call"!!

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